Friday, 3 July 2009

Bye Bye Michael

I have always said I won't mix My Dreadlocks blog with any other subject other than hair, but this time around I guess I will have to break my own rules and pay tribute to the Great King of Pop....It Might be already a whole week since he passed away but, his greatness will never be matched, it might be challenged but no one can ever replace him.....Here is a picture I found online with a message I guess most of us should try and apply in our lives

To My Dreadlocks readers sorry for the silence, I will definitely be back soon with more great tips on maintaining locks.


  1. MJ and his legacy will live on; and with his death our ears are open to accepting the pain of his childhood.

  2. It's sad he is gone but sadder that, we never got to understand him as a human being only as King of Pop and a great entertainer that always caused a media frenzy wherever he went


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