Sunday, 8 November 2009

Black hair turning Brown

Well someone recently asked about her hair turning brown. What would cause your locks to turn brown and how can you solve this? I decided to research on the topic and here is what I dug out from the net and from friends.

Why Hair turns Brown
This can be caused by:
1. the sun, especially if you move from a cold region to a very hot one. It also happens during summer for those in temperate climate. Many call this "sun bleaching" or "tinting".
2. The water you use to wash your hair. Water depending on the source, contains many different dissolved minerals that may affect the natural colouring of your hair. Chlorine is a known criminal and is usually used in swimming pools for hygenic reasons.
3. Using products that contain peroxide (a bleach, worse than chlorine) and/or lemon
4. Using very hot appliances on your hair burns it, making it look brown
5. The wrong diet, if your diet is not balanced then that may also be a reason
6. Extended use of honey on your locks or also chamomile and rhurbarb

What you can do to get back Black Hair
1. If you hair is turning brown due to exposure to the sun, you can try and always wear a hat or just covering it when you go out. If you are in the temperate region, just enjoy the sun, your hair has the whole autumn and winter to recover to its natural colour
2. For the swimmers, use a swimmers' shampoo to wash your hair and always use a good conditioner and hairspray. Don't forget to wear a swimmingcap and tucking all your hair into it, you may also try and smear a bit of petroleum jelly around the rim of the cap before you enter the pool.
3. Avoid bleaches as much as you can. I have been encouraging use of natural products of your hair but you have to BALANCE, too much of anything is poisonous (even something good. Completely stay away from Chamomile, rhurbarb and lemon while for honey you use it in moderation
4. Again, BALANCE, you need it everywhere. Please have a BALANCED DIET a burger, pizza and fries are heathly, soja milk, lettuce and tofu are also healthy but if that's all you eat every single day, you're not helping your body or your hair
5. Don't burn your hair it's not firewood, it's your crowning glory.

Kitchen recipes

Please do remember to use all these recipes in moderation
1. Mix cocoa with your shampoo and use it to wash your hair
2. Use coffee (the drink not the beans) to rinse your hair advised to do it every fortnight
3. You could also use ground coffee mixed with yoghurt/conditioner cover with a shower cap and leave it on for a few hours
4. A mixture of soy sauce and apple cider vinegar may also be used to rinse out the hair
5. Sage tea also helps darken hair even grey hair, just mix it with your leave in conditioner and use it until your hair reaches the shade you desire
6. A mixture of curry powder and coconut oil applied on your scalp may also do the trick. You can also use plain coconut oil
7. Ground blackpeppercorns mixed with curd help darken hair and stop premature greying.

Disclaimer: I haven't tried any of these recipes on my own hair so I'm not sure of their legitimity. Please be careful as you try them out.