Thursday, 29 July 2010

My Account Hacked!!

Hallo Everyone,

My account was hacked sometime last night and an email sent to all those that have ever emailed me at I would like to apologize to all of you for any inconvenience that may have been caused by that email. The email states that I'm in Scotland and require money from you. Please DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY, just delete the email it was a spam.

I have solved the issue and I hope this will not occur again. I thank all of you that emailed to inform me of the spam mail, I appreciate your concern and support.

I'm deeply sorry for that email and hope you will all continue to support My Dreadlocks.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Moisture and oil for a week

Hello people,

you wouldn't imagine what I just discovered. I have the funniest scalp/hair ever in the world. My scalp dries up so fast I even thought I was sick. After oiling it looks all beautiful and glossy but that lasts a maximum of 3days (If I sock it in oil). I know choosing the correct hair oil is a problem many ladies all around have. Some oils cause dandruffs while others make you itch and the wierd ones make your hair drier. I guess I have only been using the wrong ones that make you itch and your hair drier through out my life.

Last week after my retwist with honey, (nowadays I do the sweet locks a lot, very refreshing) I decided to try something new that I hadn't tried before on my hair, it doesn't hurt to try and anyway, I had used the worst available so nothing new was really going to happen. My mother swear to the power of Glycerine, for the kenyans, remember the glycerine with a bluish purple cover called Ideal that the ladies used to use to "dilute" their Lady Gay, yap that's exactly what I used. After the usual retwist and the locks were dry, I decided to oil my scalp with glycerine. I'm not usually a fan of liquid hair oil but, I know glycerine on it's own when used on rough feet, it moisturizes and makes the feet supple and soft. You can use glycerine on your skin without lotion, or use it to dilute your lotion and you'll see the difference between with and without. I've used glycerine most of my life, I kind of graduated to glycerine after i have the softest skin you'll ever meet, though there are times I thought I'm now a grown up and should try a way other than that my mother taught me and one time I used some lotion ( I won't mention the name to avoid a lawsuit cause I've seen it advertised on CNN and Ebony for years as the solution to black skin). I used it for 2 months and by the end of the 8th week, my skin was soo rough like a sisal bag, and it was soo itchy and painful....I did a glycerine treatment for a week and my skin was back. I think I'll stick to glycerine for my hair also.

I have heard about jojoba oil, coconut oil, aloe gel and shea butter being great for hair, I'm yet to use them but I sure will tell you after I have.

In other news, my babies are officially shoulder length after 29 months.  Did you notice the curls? I tried curling it by braiding and undoing the braids after about 24hrs, but I have to improve the technique.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Wet hair and locking

Hello everyone,

Hope you're all doing great after the looong World Cup break. Did you see all the beautiful locks on the field? You didn't? No worries, I'll be posting some pics for those that are anti-football like myself. Though I must admit, the world cup being hosted in Africa kept drawing me to watch catch a glimps of some the matches and the locked players.....anyway enough of derailing.

Back to the subject at hand, why do people wet their hair during the initial process of locking?  Most people wet their hair during the initial stage of locking only because they wash their hair right before they start locking. Ok that sounds obvious but this is what I think, most people decide the next visit to the salon, I'll do locks instead of relax so when they get to the salon they do the usual wash and after the wash they have a locking instead of relaxing. Others that do it at home do it also in the same fashion, when I undo my braids I'll lock hence after undoing the locks and washing they try and lock the hair.

So should you or shouldn't you? Many people have attended different schools of thought on this issue, but here is my 2cents worth. First of all you should definitely wash your hair before locking, just for hygienic standards and good smell. Secondly, it always depends on the method you want to use to lock your hair, some methods that require friction e.g. the hat method, wouldn't work too well on wet hair. Others like twisting with gel are usually easier on wet hair, remember when you used to use gel on permed hair? The gel was always smeared on wet hair right? Exactly. And if you are doing your hair yourself, and your hair is like mine that is soo springy when dry then wet hair is easier for our to separate and work on.

There is no universal rule on wetting hair before locking, it is a personal decision on whether to do it or not. Some people do advise to stay away from water and washing for a while after you start your locks, but I don't. Locks should be enjoyed and not be a reason for anyone to be ashamed. Locks take approximately 3months to lock fully, can you imagine yourself walking around with unwashed hair for that long? I would personally prefer to delay my locking by 1 or 2 weeks and still keep them clean though I highly doubt washing your locks delays their locking.