Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Maintaining Locks

My Dreadlocks is a blog about the locking journey, everyone is welcome to share their experience and also to learn from others. I just got a comment from a reader and I thought I should post it for all of you to read it. Some great tips shared by Shasta from Nairobi, hope all of the readers enjoy them and thank you Shasta for the tips.

Shasta said...

Well shampoos in the kenyan market 98% are bogus we kynda have a culture of just buying cosmestics without looking and caring about the ingredients at all.I dont use shampoos on my hair coz most of them have chemicals dat workup the scalp like drying it n covering the spores hence hindering hair growth so when you think of buying shampoos sulphites,petrolatum and any chemical you learned in chem shouldnt be the ingredients.I usualy use the locally made aloe vera soaps infact if you want the best ones go for the less commercial one which are advertised everywhere with fancy boxes they are no better,just know dat commercial products do more damage than good in your beautiful hair.I have always considered when using wax in your hair you aint growing natural locks.So many of my rasta friends use mashed avocado mixed with olive or coconut oil to twist locks which stay on the head for two weeks without rotting or doing anything to the hair but the only problem with avocado is dat it kynda builds up in your hair hence if you use it in very large quantity over regulary your hair root will weaken so be cautious with dat.Honey also works wonders infact dats is what l use to lock my friends with soft hair and the good thing is dat if you wash your hair with hot water it wont leave any residue hence has less buildup but again it if used for long periods can turn your hair brown to much sugar but if you wash your hair properly dat wont be the case. Washing your hair,as much as people say dat you can wash your hair as many as to 3 times a week is good,a big no the most recommended is washing you hair after two weeks,if you oil your hair regularly and leave it open most of the time after every one week will be fine if you rarely oil your hair and keep it covered most of the time after every one month will be fine or when you feel they are dirty. Dust is the main culprit in making dreadlocks dirty so when you keep your locks covered most of the time less dust in your locks,if you keep then open n oil you hair alot dat attracts alot of dust hence regulary washing but if you dont oil it dat much it attracts less dust.Alot of water is good for your locks when it is the one flowing from a natural stream or unpolluted river l wonder where you will find those in nairobbery.But if its then coming from the tap your locks need limited of it coz it has alot of chlorine used to purify it for drinking so the more you use it in your locks the more the damage unless you neutralise it with other natural herbal remedies.Swimmers also beware of the large amoumts of chlorine in the pull so after every swim thorougly wash your hair.I will putting more natural tips for locks up only dat we cant fully grow natural locks the Mau Mau one were the natural ones all the way from locking to maintenance.Peace.

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