Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Garlic to thicken hair

Yet another cooking item finds it's way to your hair. After Lisa asked me about treatment for hair loss/thinning I went to work on it immediately and I found out using this famous Garlic Recipe you can reduce thinning of hair. It might not smell as good as the Rosemary or honey, but I guess it helps a lot and that's what matters.


1 tablespoon of aloe gel

1 tablespoon of honey

1 tablespoon of garlic juice

2 egg yolks

3 tablespoons of chamomile (tea bag content is fine to use)

24 fluid oz of water


1) Peel garlic and use a garlic press to squeeze the juice out

2) Mix it with honey and place the bowl in the fridge

3) Boil water with chamomile tea for about 30 minutes

4) Stir occasionally

5) When tea is done, take the bowl with honey and garlic juice out of the fridge

6) Stir in an egg yolk into the garlic juice/honey mix

7) Add Aloe Vera gel to the mix.

8) Use the mix and gently rub it in your scalp. When you run out of the paste, wrap a towel around your head.

9) Keep on your head for 20 minutes and wash once with a neutral shampoo (I used Johnson's Baby shampoo). Rub in the second egg yolk and wash off using only warm water.

10) To finish off, wash your hair off with the previously prepared chamomile tea.

It seems garlic prevents hairloss by killing parasites and bacteria on your scalp that may be causing the hair loss and also by nourishing your hair follicles.

You could also try this:
60 minutes before you go to sleep, crush up a garlic clove and then rub the clove into the area of hair loss. It is important that the juice of the clove is smeared over the area fully and firmly.

Do NOT rub the the crushed clove too hard against the scalp, or you may cause traction alopecia - baldness caused by pulling on hair.

Leave for 60 minutes and then apply olive oil, gently rubbing the olive oil into the scalp.

For sleeping, you will need to wear a shower cap or something similar.

When you awake the next day, the first thing you should do is shampoo your hair.

(Adding a garlic extract to shampoo can also help to further strengthen hair and stop any breakage, while, at the same time, it can add good body to the hair and a nice gloss).

This hairloss and baldness remedy will work best if you can do this for a few weeks.

Hopefully, the hair will no longer be falling out and may start to re-grow.


  1. Wow, this is really interesting. I'm not sure about sleeping with garlic in my hair though, but I will try some of the other suggestions.

    Just the other day one of my strands came out (I think I did pull too hard on it though), but I certainly don't want anymore to fall out.

    Thanks for the info.

  2. Hey Lisa,
    Sorry for the loss of you strand, I totally understand the feeling that comes along with it. I have lost 2strands so far, and I still feel kind of sad when I think about them :(

    Your Welcome anytime, please do ask more questions, helps me to learn more also...

  3. Thyme takes off the garlic smell. Not sure how to apply it on hair though, but I'd think boiling it and using it as part of the rinse.

  4. Thanx for the idea Maua, it sounds great I'm still a bit sceptical about using the garlic but I will try it with the thyme.

    Welcome to my blog btw...do feel free to ask questions and share you opinion.

  5. Wow - very interesting. I will definitely try it with the thyme. Asante Cee! You always have great tips here.

  6. Hi Mama, hope you are enjoying your summer.

    Your welcome anytime, as for the thyme idea thanx to Maua....

  7. Yes, it is true about garlic. My dad used to rub it on my brother's head whenhe was younger because his hair was so thin and it did get thicker. I do not mind sleeping with garlic. It will wash out. I defintiely will lseep with garlic better than being bald.


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