Sunday, 29 March 2009

Traditional Headswraps

I found there are sooo many ways to tie the many headwraps so I
 will try and post a different style each day of the coming week. Hope you enjoy the different styles and try them out. So the first is a traditional headwrap... Enjoy your week...and Look out for more Headwrapping styles


  1. Nice blog. Got dredz a month ago, did it to fulfil a young man fantasy. Luckily, guys at work have accepted it which is pretty cool! I'm not sure how long I can maintain them, being in corporate world (though a techie) but so far I like the look more and more. How to keep them neat in between the visits to the kinyozi is my main shida. Is there some spray, chemical I can apply apart from wax?

  2. Hello Mwasjd, thanx for visiting my blog, as for your question. When Dreadz are new especially on short hair, they are a bit hard to maintain but luckily not too hard. When they start locking then it becomes easier, just try and brush them lightly with a soft brush. You could also spray Olive Oil Sheen spray.

  3. Thanks Cee. I like this wrap, it will look absolutely gorgeous with our Kenyan "lesos" or Kangas, maybe cut up in half...? What do you think.

    BTW I LOVE Song of Lawino and Song of Ocol by Okop P'Bitek!

  4. Half Khanga would be great for this wrap, you could try and strategically have the writting at the back...great idea, I will definitely try that out.
    Song of Lawino and Song of Okol by Okot P'Bitek, are wonderful poems. I will try and find them...I had even forgotten about them I guess after reading them sooo often in high school, I just wanted to forget that part of me...hahaha


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