Saturday, 21 March 2009


This is an age old hairstyle, some may look shubby, others look wonderous but all in all, the headwrap is a woman's crown. The names range from gele, skintolo to "Orie Rogos". You can have a complicated do or a very simple one, a very colourful or a plain one. I do love headwraps especially the Nigerian ones or just the simple hiphop ones. You can wear them anyway anytime. Depending on size though you might try and avoid wearing an elaborate skintolo to the office you might look really confused. In some cultures there are rules on who can wear which colour and what size, but as the world becomes a global village I think more people are wearing headwaraps for their beauty and not their representation. Next I will add a post on how to tie the wraps. Do you tie the wraps? Do you like them? Do you admire them?


  1. I look forward to the post on how to tie head wraps. I have wraps but can't tie them properly.

  2. I guess headwraps call for creativity, there is no real way to tie them properly, but I will post that ASAP to give you guidelines...

  3. Hye it's Francesca from Rome Italy!
    I love Africa and African People and my dream was to born black, anyway I have black blood ...
    I will pass you from your blogs to say to you hello!

  4. Hallo Francesca, welcome to my blog, I appreciate you visit. About you being born in the wrong totally understand I do have a friend and she also thinks she was given the wrong skin. Being African is more than just skin, so welcome and feel free to share your views

  5. Of course that being African is more than the skin, but I had to be brief, and English is not my language. By the way My post are not only in the language you don't understand, I'm working to tranlate all my posts in english and spanish, part of them are already published, the first ones! Maybe you just came for a very short visit, but if you have time than have a look otherwise don't worry! Anyway nice to meet you!
    see you soon!

  6. Francesca, I will check out the translated posts soon. They look very interesting so I will be there soon.
    Ebony, Welcome to my blog, hope you do enjoy the posts


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