Wednesday, 14 March 2012

How to twist palmrolled locks


I watched a video recently on Youtube and it got me scared on how the person did the twisting of the locks. Twisting of locks, takes a while to get right but when you get it you never forget how to do them right. 

1. After washing the locks, wipe off the excess water on them, don’t try and leave them bone dry though.

2. Partition the locks from the root and try to get hold of small hairs that may have escaped the lock during washing

3. Apply the gel/honey/wax/oil/shea butter only on the root, only the section of your lock that has not locked yet. Don’t apply it on the locked section especially if you are using gel or shea butter that cause a lot of build up and that’s something we definitely want to avoid.

4. Twist the lock either in clockwise or anticlockwise direction, whichever direction you choose, you’ll have to maintain it always because if you do clockwise today and anti-clockwise next time then you “unlock” the hair, just like the usual door lock.

5. Arrange the lock in the direction you think it will not interfere with your twisting of the next lock.

6. Do this with all your locks and when you’re done either let them dry naturally or in a drier whichever method you wish, though it is advised to stay away from the driers cause the heat might be too much for your hair but if you have very long locks that would take days to dry naturally then please use the drier.

You might be clumsy doing the first couple of locks but I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it by the 20th lock. Your arms might get tired but hey you want to look beautiful right? You could get a friend to do this with, twist me I twist you kind of thing.

If you may have noticed I didn’t mention using hairclips and the reason is, I lost a couple of locks due to the famous hairclips, maybe it was due to inexperience in using the clips that caused the loss. Anyway on that, all I have to say is please stay away from the hairclips if you’re not sure on how tight to hold the lock after twisting. Considering you are using gel or honey to twist the locks, after you twist them, the gel or honey holds the lock in place. I can’t promise it won’t unravel but better an unravelled lock that a thin lock or at worst a lost lock. If you’re not sure on how to use the hairclips right stay away from them, you could do Bantu knots after the twist or do a braid out, you can remove the knots or braids when the hair dries and the twists will remain in place.

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