Saturday, 25 September 2010

Bantu knots, how do I do them?

Bantu knots, they look very easy to do and they are but for a beginner it can turn into a very angry session trying to do them. This is a post specially dedicated to Nappy Headed Black Girl who requested a tutorial on how to do Bantu Knots. I hope you'll be able to do them after you read this.

What you need:
wet locks and your hands :D I prefer doing the knots on wet hair so that the curls come out "stronger", on dry hair the curls don't hold too well. The locks don't need to be dripping wet, just enough water to soften them up. You can use a spritz of choice to wet them. (Some homemade spritz recipes will be coming up soon, anyone interested can submit their ideas)

Step 1: Partition the locks and hold them perpendicular to the scalp then twist the group of locks along their length 

Step 2: Bend the twisted locks and this time wind them around the lower half, don't make it too tight cause when the locks dry they contract and the knot becomes tighter and this can be very uncomfortable and painful.

Step 3: Now tuck in the tips at the base of the knot and start with the next. The tucked tips should hold on their own but in case the come out, just tuck them back in it's normal for that to happen.

Head full of Bantu knots, can't wait to rock the curls

And this is what my babies looked like after the Bantu knots were out. Lots of volume, I'm now in love with the new found secret.


  1. The curls after your bantu knot-out look great! Love it!

  2. Thanx, I love them...way better than those from the braid out

  3. NICE!! Love the knots in particular!

  4. Wow...My very own tutorial? I feel loved! *tear drops from eye*

    OK, your knots look awesome. I actually dig the knotted look before you let them down. That's what I'm going for.

    Mine never seem to stay "tucked" and the lengths vary. Like they could be right next to each other but one dread is shorter and therefore won't twist all the way down.

    I'm going to a concert this weekend and will give this a go. I'll blog my results...Well, if it turns out fly, I'll blog it. Otherwise, pretend this post never happened :-)

  5. Hi Nappy Girl,

    Lol, you just made my day with your "Pretend this post never takes a bit of practice but you'll get the hang of it.

    The different lengths of locks is normal, just try and tuck the tip of the shorter one in the midst of the longer ones.

  6. I did it! Thanks again...come check me out ;-)


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