Tuesday, 6 October 2009

What's Good hair?

Hallo People,
I'm back summer is over and so is my holiday. I got a lot in store for all of you. Lot's of new stuff and new ideas I learnt during my holiday, even an interview with one of the best locticians I know. Thanx a lot to all those who have remained tuned to My Dreadlocks, I will definitely not disappoint. Feel free to email questions, topics you want discussed, criticism (always welcome), encouragement and anything else you may think I need to know or want featured on the my dreadlocks website. If you have a great My Dreadlock story please do share with us, you may also share pics of your journey, Lisa I hope you will share yours. Enjoy the Autumn/Fall season, my side of the earth is already cold and feels more like winter while others are having extended Summer and others predicting El Nino, I hope you will all take care, remain safe and continue enjoying the My Dreadlocks blog.

Many of you may have already watched this episode on Tyra but I would like to share these videos with African women all over the world. Hope they get you thinking on a lot of things and lead you to make better decisions in the future. Better decisions don't necessarily mean going natural but this being a problem that mainly affects women, I bet your intuition will tell you if the decision is better or not.

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  1. Thank you for the vids, I have heard of Tyra's show on this topic, but missed it. And, it is good that she had this on. Many African decent people ar ashamed of where they have come from.


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