Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Sweet Locks

According to Juju, one of "My Dreadlocks readers" You can use honey to lock your hair.
"...honey is quite good for hair generally, as a moisturiser. I use it to twist my locs and its not smeller or sticky or all those things." I will definitely try it out and tell you what happens. Here are some other comments about using honey on hair from the internet:
"I actually just used a home treatment made of warm olive oil and honey, and it worked very well to moisturize and smooth my hair! I have also heard of people mixing honey with their conditioner to add an extra punch of moisture to their routine. Although you mention its obvious stickiness, it seems to rinse out pretty easily in water IF it is mixed with at least one other ingredient.
Also, I would definitely suggest shampooing after your treatment to avoid residue." by Jen
"Honey is a bleach. It will lighten your hair (remove pigmentation) overtime. People in my home country use it to lighten their skin color." by Shilpa
because honey is a humectant and it does great things for dry hair. I use honey once a week and nothing can moisturize my hair like honey does. My mixtures is adding at least 5 tablespoons to a papercup. Warm it up in the microwave for NO more then 30 seconds and some conditioner to it and mix it together. I then wet my hair and then apply the mix and let it penetrate while I finish taking a shower. It rinses out without any sticky residue left on my hair because when you mix honey it basically liquifies." by Ashley
"You can also use it (honey) as a moisturiser and a hair conditioner. To use it as a conditioner, mix the honey with olive oil. Be sure to wash your hair thoroughly before you go outside." by Ada Onyema
"To give your hair lustrous shine, mix 1 teaspoon of honey into 4 cups of warm water. Use as a hair rinse. And if you're a blond, add the juice of 1 lemon, too." by Bees-online


  1. Honey it is. I don't have dreads but I have a friend who does. Nice. But it can be used for other hair right? I'll finally have some in my bathroom even though my tresses are not long.

  2. Shiko you can use honey on other hair types too just follow the conditioning recipe I gave.

  3. what kind of honey?

  4. Hallo Anonymous, welcome to My Dreadlocks.
    You can use any kind of natural honey without additives. If you are in Kenya you could use the usual one that's boiled and sold in Supermarkets.

  5. Hello I really appreciate this blog and have leaned a lot of things that I did not know about locks and how to maintain them. I have a question about what should I use to wrap my locks when I go to bed, I use a stocking cap which I hate because it drys my hair, what do you recommend? Also I had a question about when I get my lock maintenance done the process of siting under a dryer really makes the whole thing kind of a bit too much, what do you recommend as far as a good maintenance routine so that I can avoid that dreaded hair dryer?? oh yeah what kind of shampoo is good to use??

  6. Hallo Anonymous,

    To tie your hair at night I would definitely recommend something that is not too tight for your head and also with larger pores for your hair to "breathe" at night.
    When you redo your locks and have to sit under the dryer, usually your loctician should hold a towel dipped in hot water (the water shouldn't be dripping) to your locks and press just a bit so that the locks can absorb some of the watervapour to avoid being too dry as is usually the case. You can ask your stylist to do it for you after your next retouch. If you really don't want to sit under the dryer then you can leave the salon after the twisting but this can turn messy if the gel comes into contact with ur clothes on your way back to the office/ home.
    Avoid shampoos that dry out your hair, use those with as little Sodium hydroxide as possible.

  7. i vouch for the honey,, dont know what she mixes it with, but 30- 45 minutes under the dryer and its good to go,, it holds firm and i need that cause i have like 50 dreads,, thick..


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