Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Another Lockwrap (Turban)

You can do this on your "bad" Hair days, you will still look good without having to trouble yourself with the that much. You can get creative and change a few steps to make it look better.

Instead of wrapping the extra fabrik around your head, you could wrap it around the held back hair. to get something like this


  1. Thank you for the demonstration because I used to always have a knot at the base of my neck when I tried to wrap my loc's which means I was tying it wrong the whole time

  2. Welcome Stef, I'm glad the post helped...enjoy tying it the right way and spotting a beautiful turban

  3. Nicely done it looks very good and uttelry original.

  4. I always wondered how to do a head wrap, then I landed here. I'm bald, but that won't stop me.

    Will try this at home def.

  5. Welcome pink, I'm glad you liked the post....
    Enjoy rocking the headwrap

  6. Thank you very much for posting these instructions. I want to rock some headwraps for the summer and you have definitely helped. Peace, Love and Balance!!


  7. Welcome Afrolady to my blog, I'm happy the wrap has been helpful. I like your signature...."Peace, Love and Balance!!"


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